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As a property holder, we can address

what should be one of your primary concerns while hiring a landscaping and tree service to work at your property first thing: we are completely authorized and guaranteed, so you can believe that your property is secured. We will give you a free estimate for the whole project work to be done. It will be including the starting date of the tree service. You can anticipate trustworthiness, correspondence, and work efficiently throughout the tree service.

We have provided New York City and Nassau County, NY, with quality and inexpensive tree services with landscaping design ideas for many years.

What are the landscaping services?

Landscaping is more involved with your open-air space’s posturing features, designing and maintaining your lawn and yards.

We all know that the tree and landscaping industry is too crowded. So we set ourselves separate from our competition by offering a complete range of landscaping and tree services that include:

1.   Landscape installation.

2.   Landscape maintenance

3.   Plant Health Care

4.   Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Tree Care

5.   Integrated pest management

1.   Landscape Maintenance

Landscape can express a critical asset

You can confide in Unites Tree and Landscaping Services for all of your tree care requirements. A newly trimmed yard and healthy-managed home yard can be a cause of extraordinary pride for property holders. We can make a plan for landscaping a home yard to keep your home seeing beautiful.

So, we have consistently offered

our loyal clients a quick requirement for any of our landscaping services to ascend. It isn’t phenomenal for our upkeep clients to demand exceptional help in anticipation of a graduation party, celebration, family gets- together or another significant occasion. We are glad to oblige. Our landscaping and maintenance package offers a complete scope of tree facilities, including:

  • Spring clean-up of all colder time of year trash
  • Hand-pruning of deadwood on bushes and elaborate little trees
  • Lawn cutting
  • Planting bed weeding
  • Planting bed development and edging, as essential to characterize and keep up bed lines.
  • Landscape trash removal and paper get
  • Sweeping/passing over of all cleared surface zones, including walkways and carports
  • Shrub shearing to look after the shape
  • Lawn-space compost applications
  • Leaf cleanup during fall tree-services

2.   Landscape Design and Installation

An advanced landscape installation enhances beauty and value to your property. In addition to lawn-grass installation, we offer a wide variety of native shrubs, trees, and flowers. Regardless of your budget or the size of your property, our certified arborist can help create your perfect layout landscaping.

  • Lawn cutting and planting bed edge maintenance.
  • Mulch installation.

3.   Plant Health Care

In addition to landscaping services, we offer plant health care plans customized to the trees and bushes in your landscape. Our certified arborists and New York city certified applicators could distinguish and treat any organic issues that could undermine your trees and bushes‘ health. Our specialists utilize an assortment of natural green oils and insecticidal cleansers to protect your plants in light of the problem and season. Our specialists can make excellent maintenance intend to help tackle repeating issues.

4.   Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Tree Care

At United Tree and Landscaping Services, we need to assist you with ensuring your trees’ lifespan and magnificence.

  • Our experienced staff with regards to taking care of your trees.
  • Our enlisted consulting team member can give you the direction you need to your inquiries concerning your trees’ strength and protection.
  • Our whole team is qualified and skilled. So, they are completely proficient in the landscaping procedures and American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations – safety requirements. You have confidence that your project will be done securely and effectively, with the eventual benefits of your trees at the top of the priority list.

5.   Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management, including meeting, screen, and treat visits and extended haul plans to improve health and expand your trees and bushes’ life span.

Tree services available include:

  • Tree pruning, molding, and weight decrease
  • Tree danger assessment and suggestions
  • Full tree removal and stump crushing
  • Bush pruning and support shearing
  • Emergency storm reaction

From grass cutting to tree removal

our experts can deal with all of your landscaping and tree services requirements. Our commitments to consumer loyalty are as strong as our company services are durable.

At Unites Tree and landscaping Services, our primary objective is to ensure that you’re treated with trust and respect.

We ensure total fulfillment with our services, and we are glad to respond to all your queries and address any of our clients’ interests.

Contact United Tree and Landscaping Services today for more information and to request a free estimate!

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