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Organic Mosquito Control

If given the choice between a green, environmentally-friendly mosquito solution, or one made in a lab out of engineered chemicals, who wouldn’t prefer the greener one?  Organic mosquito control is one of the most common topics we get asked about when it comes to mosquito and vector control techniques.  People are increasingly asking “is there a safer, and more natural, way to combat mosquitoes?”

We are all for using the safest, most natural means possible to keep mosquitoes away.  Anything that involves natural and environmentally-friendly solutions, or plant-based products, seems like a good answer to the mosquito problem.  Natural, or organic solutions (they are not one in the same — the bar for something to be called organic is higher) are something we hope will be the norm in the future.

Mosquitoes have been around forever, but the techniques for controlling them have only recently become increasingly reliant upon man-made chemicals like DEET.  To be clear, DEET works – that is why it has become so popular, and it is why we suggest using it if you need sure protection from mosquitoes.  And while EPA testing shows DEET is safe, the desire to control mosquitoes in a more natural and organic way has really picked-up steam in recent years. It only makes sense that we want to constantly make mosquito protection as safe and natural as possible.

Organic solutions are gaining more credibility in mosquito control, just as more natural solutions and even essential oils are for ticks.

Here are a few of the more common organic mosquito control techniques that we are seeing for three different situations:

  • In Your Yard
  • In your House
  • On your Skin (repellents)


Controlling mosquitoes in your yard can be a challenge, because there are just so many places for them to make themselves at home.  Plus, mosquitoes don’t care about property boundaries, so if you do your best to keep mosquitoes away but your neighbor doesn’t do a thing, you are probably still going to get some of their mosquitoes coming your way.  Still, there are a few organic things you can do to reduce the mosquitoes outside.

  • Get rid of standing water. What is more organic than allowing nature to solve the problem by itself?  Mosquitoes need standing water to breed.  That means that if you can eliminate standing water in your yard, you will go a long way toward reducing the mosquito population who breeds in your yard and calls it home.  This includes things like puddles, ponds, plugged eaves, water features, and birdbaths.  Old tires are also a common culprit.Coffee grounds are proving more and more effective when it comes to mosquito control.
  • Can’t Get Rid of Standing WaterAdd Coffee Grounds.  Coffee grounds are emerging as a major weapon against mosquitoes.  Studies have shown that adding coffee grounds to standing water will help prevent young mosquitoes from being able to survive.  You don’t need to use the high-end Starbucks for this – just get some basic coffee grounds, add them to water, and it will likely help.  Unused coffee grounds tend to work better than used ones.
  • Try Citronella or Basil Plants. When it comes to plant-based solutions, citronella seems to perform quite well.  The issue is that the testing that has been done on citronella focuses on concentrated oil, or citronella that is burning.  When you simply have plants in your yard, you don’t have the same level of concentration, but it stands to reason that mosquitoes will at least be somewhat affected by the plants if they dislike the oil so much.  Basil is also shown to have some protection qualities, also it is not as complete as other options. You don’t want to rely solely on basil plants if you are in an area known for West Nile or Zika, but they will help.