Thuja Green Giant Growth Planting Season

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Winds of Change: A Shuai Transplantation

and Windham Farms Concern Thuja Green Giant The last week of August is the last hurrah for the Thompson Family’s “Ahuja Green Giant Growth Planting Season”, sponsored by the City of Nyack. It will be a busy time for many residents in Suffolk County, with the possibility of more tress walking than usual and an abundance of pollen. How will the arbor gate and canopy help protect us from the hazards of a changing climate? It certainly won’t hurt! Thuja Green Giant

A team from the Department of Energy

is scheduled to visit the two proposed locations for the canopy. This will provide them with a better view of how the canopy will affect the plantings. This information is not always welcome in Nassau County, where the Dune Tree is located. According to Nassau County records, the arbor at Windham Farms was removed in the past decade. However, Windham Farm itself has expressed interest in re-planting the tree and has even offered to inspect the proposed location.

It is my contention that this planting

should be postponed until the Nassau County forecloses on Windham Farms. There have been repeated news reports that Windham Farms is headed for foreclosure. Why would the County want to take a risk on a market that it has already indicated is in trouble? And if it is foreclosed, will the Arbor at Windham Farms still be standing when the new owners come to plant? Probably not.

My personal belief is that the planting should be postponed until after the Nassau County forecloses on Windham Farms. Then the public can have a chance to buy the arbor at its current fair market price. This is the only way that I can see that the tree and its associated maintenance costs can be reasonably afforded. If anyone is interested in learning more about the tree or the arbor, I would be happy to send them an e-mail. In this article I will mention some concerns about the proposed plan.

Windham Farms is located in Nassau County

and is located on a very busy highway. There are two expressways and one toll road. The highway will experience traffic congestion every day. The toll roads will experience even more traffic. I believe that if the highway and the tolls were closed, traffic congestion could increase dramatically. The additional expense for these highways and tolls will simply add to the already high cost of having the tree and associated care removed  Tree Pruning near me in Nassau county NY


Secondly, Windham Farm itself is in poor condition. The soil is extremely soggy and does not support tree growth. The wind breaks the large trees in the area and then the ground just sinks, making the ground too difficult for the roots to grow. Without enough support, this type of soil would not support giant growth, much less any type of tree.